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Video Courses for Authors

Self-Publish Your Children’s Book: Start-to-Finish

self-publish-your-childrens-book-start-to-finishAre you dreaming of self-publishing your own children’s book?

Don’t know where to start?

This is a COMPLETE, START-TO-FINISH video course that will give you all the information and resources you need to not only publish your first children’s book, but do it SUCCESSFULLY!

Start publishing your book today!

Whether you have a character concept, a complete manuscript, simply a lesson to teach, or nothing at all, this course will bring you through the children’s self-publishing process step-by-step and leave NO excuses for a book gone unpublished!

This could be the best time in history to be a children’s author. The barriers to entry are dropping rapidly, and the market is far from saturated. I’ll show you how to define your book’s value, create your own market gap, identify with your readers (and buyers) and create a product that is delivers huge value and enjoyment to readers.

We begin with the end in mind to create a product that will have a definite purpose and unique selling point(s). This way you, the author, can be confident before you even begin your self-publishing endeavor and you will have a definitive plan and specific target audience interested in your book.  Loosely, the strategy I teach in this course is:


          SELL YOUR BOOK  ->  

                   WRITE YOUR BOOK  ->  

                            PUBLISH YOUR BOOK!

I’ve also included a myriad of reference books with this course to help give you even more insight.

Bonus textbooks!

  • Amazon Best-Seller Strategies (20 pages) – Value: $20
  • List Building Wisdom (26 pages) – Value: $10
  • Google+ Authority (31 pages) – Value: $15
  • The Successful Entrepreneur (32 pages) – Value: $17
  • Social Media Plan of Attack (41 pages) – Value: $14
  • Twitter Marketing Made Easy (21 pages) – Value: $17
  • Unstoppable Facebook Traffic (45 pages) – Value: $17
  • Discovering the World of Pinterest (35 pages) – Value $20

If you’ve always dreamed of publishing a children’s book, or if you’ve published one that wasn’t a success, you’re in the right place! I’ll teach you not only how to become a children’s author, but how to become an entrepreneur and successfully sell your product to bring smiles to thousands of tiny faces!

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Publish Your Children’s Book in Paperback:  A Crash Course (FREE)

Everything you need to know to create, proof, publish and list your children’s book in print on Amazon for free.

publish-your-childrens-book-in-paperbackIn the next 60 minutes learn how to create, proof, publish and list your children’s picture book and sell paperback copies of your book on Amazon. Order your first book proof this afternoon!

This course assumes that you are at the stage where you have a children’s book written or are in the process of writing and illustrating one and an unsure of what to do when you finish it. How do you get it in print? How do you sell it?

This is a quick crash course on how to use a “Print-on-demand” service called Createspace which is completely free and is affiliated with Print on demand (or “POD”) book publishing means that when someone purchases your book on Amazon, one book is printed and shipped out. The printing company makes their money every time a book is sold which means there is no upfront cost to you to print 100 or 1000 books.

POD is a no-risk way to self publish your books. I am not personally affiliated with Createspace whatsoever, but have been using the service for years and would not choose anything else. I enjoy self-publishing and being in control of my books and would recommend it for any author who is starting out and trying to avoid risks or being taken advantage of by a publisher.

In order to get started, you should first create a free user account at and set up your royalty pay-out information. IE, link your account to your Paypal account or bank account so that you can get paid. You will need to set up this information prior to creating your book listing.

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Create a Responsive Author Website with NO Prior Experience

A comprehensive beginner’s course to building your own author website with no experience and at VERY little cost.

You can get a discount code to take this course 100% FREE here!  Enjoy!

draft1-revised2New to self publishing and need an author website?

This course will walk you step-by-step, through the details of creating a complete, professional, responsive website and it’s a LOT easier than you might think.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up your webserver / hosting site
  • Set up your WordPress installation
  • Operate the “backend” of your new website
  • Create the page framework necessary for your site
  • Setup basic options for a professional installation
  • Install new responsive website themes to change the look and feel of the site
  • Customize themes to suit your needs
  • Create your site content and post blog entries
  • Build a beautiful sliding home page banner to showcase your book(s)
  • Upload your own graphics
  • Create a secure contact form
  • Create an email signup form

You can create a really nice site with very little effort and even less money! I have created dozens of websites on many platforms and have created this course to teach to independent authors, like myself, the most effective method of creating a great author website.

In over ten years of web development I have found WordPress to be the most powerful and easy-to-use platform out there and it is continually getting better with each update.

Whether you want a blog that you can post articles to directly from your iPhone or Android, or if you want just a static informational website, this course will cover it. We’ll discuss what kind of content you should provide, as an author and how best to provide it. I’ll give you a simple way to collect email addresses of your fans so that you can contact them with future news.

I hope you enjoy the course – please contact me with any questions!

Tim Johnson

P.S. – I’ve also included a great electronic text book to help you leverage your list of email subscribers most effectively.

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