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Encourage Your Child’s Unique Skill Set with Bosley Builds a Tree House

In addition to teaching new words and phrases in a foreign language, Bosley Builds a Tree House also teaches morals of friendship, teamwork, leadership and accomplishment.

At first, Bosley and his friends are happy to play in the forest, climbing trees and playing games. But tuhen Bosley Bear has the grand idea to build a tree house. He presents his idea to the team and opens the floor for discussion. Once it is decided that building a tree house is a good idea, all of the friends sit down around a blueprint and begin sharing their ideas on paper. Everyone contributes some aspect of the design to make it a unique collaboration.

Once the plans are finalized all of the animals help Bosley in their own way that subtly empowers children to utilize their own unique skill set. Squirrel frantically runs about measuring everything with the tape measure. Rabbit jumps up and down on the structure to make sure it is soundly built. Fox works from the ground and operates their improvised elevator. Raccoon trundles back and forth carrying lumber to Bosley. And Owl swoops in to put the finishing touches on that are out of reach for the other animals.

When the tree house is complete, it is a work of art and something that the whole team can be proud of and enjoy together.

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